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Overhaul of power transformers
Overhaul of power transformers
Our company performs maintenance (MOT), current (MF) and capital (MF) repairs of power transformers with voltage up to 10 kV and power up to 630 kVA with and without replacement of electric windings with subsequent electrical tests and test report design. Electrical testing is also subject to transformer oil. If necessary, clean the oil from mechanical impurities and moisture.

Current repair is the main preventive type of repair, ensuring durability and trouble-free operation of power transformers. This repair is carried out in the process of operation and ensures the maintenance of transformers in working condition during the period of guaranteed operating time until the next scheduled repair.

The overhaul is carried out in order to restore good condition and full or close to full restoration of the transformer resource.

In case of overhaul with replacement of windings, we manufacture the windings from high-quality insulating and conductive materials.

The quality of welding seams and tightness of flange connections is controlled by hydraulic tests.
The cost of repairing a power transformer
The cost is determined for each order individually.

Ordering Information:
To get advice and calculate the cost of repairing power transformers, you can: call +38 (067) 755 28 44, leave a request via e-mail energoizmail@gmail.com or leave contacts in the feedback form.
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